If, as they popularly say, the agreements are made at the table, we must also add that the table without the ancient tradition of the ceramic plate has no history. In his usual round shape (but there are square plates, oval, with more or less conspicuous edge) the dish lends itself to various uses: to contain the food or for ornamental purposes such as the wonderful wall plate Tiffani; at the table as a platters or charging, as dinner plates, soup plates or dessert or fruit plates, The dishes of porcelain or majolica Tiffani, for their elegance, their handmade decorations, not only form a art composition on the table, but, together with the entire service table, make it a masterpiece of colors and because of strong emotions. The brightness of the white majolica Tiffani and decorations in various shades of the Tiffani tableware is a unique spectacle, not only for eyes accustomed to beautiful dinnerware of this level, but also for people who simply have the desire to turn an ordinary evening in exclusive compelling moments.


Tiffani is a purely Italian brand which produces a wide range of ceramics, majolica and porcelain, with valuable handmade fresco. Here you’ll find exactly what you need for home interior, garden and your terrace. Today Tiffani offers fantastic plates sets, ones of the more produced. We offer unique plates for special occasions, and you will definitely make an indelible impression. We offer a great choice of décor for plate sets that will meet any of your stylistic whims: Star Dust, Cara Lily, Sottobosco, Liberty, Pic Nic etc. They have it all to be recognized as true pieces of art which you bring home. You can combine them with cake stands, jars and wine glasses, fruit plates, gravy boats, teapots and cutlery. A dinner with a plate set Tiffani makes all the difference in the world. Your friends will be glad to compliment you on your style and elegance, and you will certainly be delighted to reveal such beauty: Tiffani. Visit our store to admire special products, including plate sets – the crown of our fine work. Here you’ll find excellent ideas for a present that will guarantee your great success, fragrances and essences that will renew the odour of the premise, valuable gift lists for your friends’ wedding, as well as exterior articles, such as forge-iron tables and chairs. Here elegance and delicacy combine with usefulness and practicability. Just like a chosen plate, guaranteed in time due to the quality of products. Tiffani -art in your house.

Ceramics is an inorganic material, a very plastic substance for processing and fragile after drying. Owing to these properties ceramics may be used in all kinds of spheres, even very different from each other. Tiffani has become a leading company in production and hand painting of ceramics for place settings and home decoration. Ceramic plates are definitely the trademark of the company: dinner plates, soup plates, fruit plates, pizza plates... here are the plates to all tastes, plates of all sizes and all kinds of decoration. Ceramic plates Tiffani are top-quality products not only due to the quality of the materials Made in Italy, but first and foremost due to hand painting performed by our professional team. Laying a table is not always an easy job, you need a taste, elegance, as well as distinction. You’ll have all these, if you buy ceramic plates Tiffani, because it will be you to choose the shape, the size and decoration as well. You’ll be able to select all eating utensils afterwards: from cutlery to glasses, saucepans, gravy boats, tureens. The atmosphere created by the harmony of these elements will be truly amazing. Your guests will certainly give merits to your true taste and care about every detail of your table. Just visiting our web-site, you’ll get a clear idea of the ceramic plate decoration and see the effort put into it by our employees. To experience magic, quality and elegance, choose ceramic plates Tiffani, and every day will turn into a great event.


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